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Beside Me I Dreamed I Stopped Smoking Might as Well Saturday Evening Down in Verdun
Car Keys Id Rather Walk Old Man Santo Spill Yer Guts
Carla I Tried Old Mutt Murphy Ten Years Younger
Couldnt We Joes Report from the AfterLife Perpetual Motion Water & Stone
Flower of the middle Class   Rosy Rear View When I was a Young Man


Ten Years Younger

Ten Years Younger



If I was ten years younger and female, girl

I'd sweep you off your feet

We'd leave our humdrum lives a smoking ruin

I'd bring the sparkle to your eye, the colour to your cheek

The way, you know, somebody should be doing


I hope you find the lover you deserve

To make you feel undone & true & free

It'd make me smile, just to observe

Your logic matching up with mystery


If I was ten years younger and single, girl

I'd take you for a ride

We'd disappear & mystify our friends

We'd come back thick with mischief, smiles that we couldn't hide

For our lost time, we'd surely make amends


I hope….


If I was ten years younger and smarter, girl

We'd turn this place around

We'd leave Babylon a-lickin' at its wounds

We'd have done with hypocrisy, spread justice all around

And dance all night to all our favourite tunes


I hope…


Patrick Hutchinson  © 1996 (SOCAN)


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