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Beside Me I Dreamed I Stopped Smoking Might as Well Saturday Evening Down in Verdun
Car Keys Id Rather Walk Old Man Santo Spill Yer Guts
Carla I Tried Old Mutt Murphy Ten Years Younger
Couldnt We Joes Report from the AfterLife Perpetual Motion Water & Stone
Flower of the middle Class   Rosy Rear View When I was a Young Man


Spill Yer Guts

Spill Yer Guts


If you won't talk to me

How will I ever see

What it's like to be in your skin

In the condition that you're in?


I've got ears if you need 'em, arms if you need 'em too

If you've got fears, don't you feed them

You can spill your guts to me, I mean it, it's true.


I'll bring a bottle, oh I forgot

You're on the wagon, better not

So we'll drink tea, 'till our cheeks flush

Good excuses if we blush


I've got ears…


It would not be apropos

If I chanced to let you know

Just how much I fancy you

How I'm aching through & through


I've got ears…


In your eyes, do I see a glint?

Do I dare to drop a hint?

We're almost touching, but not quite

How I wish that you'd requite


I've got ears…


Patrick Hutchinson © 1996 SOCAN


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