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I Dreamed I Stopped Smoking

I Dreamed I Stopped Smoking


I dreamed I stopped smoking and my head stopped hurting

Kicked drugs, quit drinking; Christ! I even started working

And I realised I wasn't having any fun

So I lit up a smoke and my head hurt

Did some drugs, got drunk and quit work

And I started right back to where I started from


Well I dreamed that you won the lottery

So you went out and bought a pot farm for me,

Said "I love you baby, let's go smoke it all"

Well I dreamed I was a happy little bumblebee

I was buzzing in your bonnet 'til you swatted me

And preserved me with your jars of alcohol


Well I dreamed you were driving a UFO

You abducted me baby 'cause you loved me so

You said "fly with me, back home beyond the blue"

First we stopped to get some money at the money tree

And you said you couldn't wait to get your hands on me

Yeah, I'll follow the flying pigs back home to you.


Bob Cussen © 2002 SOCAN


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