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Saturday evening, down in Verdun

Saturday evening, down in Verdun


It's Saturday evening; I'm down in Verdun

I'm catching the last rays of the late summer sun

There are children and grandmas and folks in between

And I'm feeling happy to be part of that scene


A young woman approaches, as if out of thin air

Nut-brown are her eyes, and chestnut her hair

She smiles and she asks me "Is that your guitar?

Do ya know how to play Hotel Californ-iar?"


I said, "Miss, I'm sorry, in truth I do not"

I'd tell her I hate it, but I'd feel like a snot

She asks me for Angie, and others as well

From Stairway to Heaven to Highway to Hell


But then came the moment that folks waited for

Ronnie the Great, he then took the floor

He put on his costume and strutted about

And lifted that kerosene up to his mouth


He took out his lighter and lifted it high

And blew out a flame that lit up the sky

It lit up the kids and the grandmas and me

And lit up the neighbours and friends just for free


Well you may have hot licks, and you may have songs

You may aspire to right the world's wrongs

You may think you've come far, but you've only begun

'Til you've opened for a fire-eater, down in Verdun.


Patrick Hutchinson © 2000 SOCAN


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