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Beside Me I Dreamed I Stopped Smoking Might as Well Saturday Evening Down in Verdun
Car Keys Id Rather Walk Old Man Santo Spill Yer Guts
Carla I Tried Old Mutt Murphy Ten Years Younger
Couldnt We Joes Report from the AfterLife Perpetual Motion Water & Stone
Flower of the middle Class   Rosy Rear View When I was a Young Man


I'd Rather Walk

I'd Rather Walk


What you want, ain't necessarily what you'll get

You could be having the time of your life, you might not know it yet

I think I know what I want; I don't know what to expect

One thing I know, just wanting doesn't get


Gotta have a new stereo, gotta have a new car

No thanks mate; I'd rather walk, I'll get just as far


What you want…


What are those people talking about, on their little 'phones

Whatta they gotta say that's so important, that it can't wait 'til they get home?


What you want…


Why are those people all wearing their labels on the outside of their clothes?

On and on, they let Babylon lead them by the nose


What you want…


Patrick Hutchinson © 2001 SOCAN


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