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Beside Me I Dreamed I Stopped Smoking Might as Well Saturday Evening Down in Verdun
Car Keys Id Rather Walk Old Man Santo Spill Yer Guts
Carla I Tried Old Mutt Murphy Ten Years Younger
Couldnt We Joes Report from the AfterLife Perpetual Motion Water & Stone
Flower of the middle Class   Rosy Rear View When I was a Young Man


Flower of the Middle Class

Flower of the Middle Class


Come all you wild suburban kids, flower of the middle class

Who woke to find reality had knocked you on your ass

If you've got a moment, stick around, and listen to my story

I don't intend to fill your heads with tales of death or glory


Where did you get that rebel pose, that leather coat so fine?

Do you drown your insecurities, in dépanneur wine?

Do you crave street credibility, and the wrong side of the tracks?

Is that just a chip on your shoulder, or a real cross on your back?


It wasn't the good upbringing, or the peace and quiet

It wasn't the tender loving care, or the healthy diet

It wasn't the edjamacation that should have filled your needs

It's a different kind of hunger that makes you bite the hand that feeds


Patrick Hutchinson  © 1993 SOCAN


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