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Beside Me I Dreamed I Stopped Smoking Might as Well Saturday Evening Down in Verdun
Car Keys Id Rather Walk Old Man Santo Spill Yer Guts
Carla I Tried Old Mutt Murphy Ten Years Younger
Couldnt We Joes Report from the AfterLife Perpetual Motion Water & Stone
Flower of the middle Class   Rosy Rear View When I was a Young Man


Car Keys

Car Keys


I see your long fingers, wrapped around your car keys

Your hair moves like clouds across the moon

I feel the earth beneath me shifting

I feel I'm leaping into the great unknown


I never thought I'd see you in the daylight

Blue veins traced beneath your skin

Has it been ten years or just ten minutes?

Are you as beautiful & strange as you were then?


I dreamt last night that you were getting married

Rented limos honking down my street

In the back seat you looked heavily sedated

Your veil reminded me of a winding sheet


I hear strange rumblings up upon the hill

Some day that old volcano's going to blow

And if amongst the ashes they do find us

They'll know we once bathed in that perfect glow


Patrick Hutchinson © 1993 SOCAN


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