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photo: Claudette Pelletier

SWIFT YEARS cook up a potent blend of roots music from the old and new worlds, served with hot sauce and lyrics both sweet and sour. One-word description? Worldbilly: music that originates in the hills & backwoods of many nations, plugged in for a night on the town. SWIFT YEARS is the happy result of a chance encounter of three musicians who between them have played everything from Bluegrass to Reggae, via East European, Celtic and North African folk. The treatments of traditional material are marked by musical intensity and adventurous spirit, and the original compositions combine this with playful/serious lyrics that turn a satirical eye inwards as well as outwards. They have entertained audiences of all shapes, sizes, ages and persuasions (in English and in French), though on occasion have been reprimanded by the Folk Police for having too much fun. Swift Years have a sincere love for traditional music; but as a living changing entity rather than a museum exhibit, much in the spirit of the likes of Steeleye Span and Los Lobos