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I Tried



I Tried

Well I tried to love you, baby

Nearly died, you'll never know

When you tore out my liver

And you fed it to Old Crow

Fed my love to the fishes

Sailed my soul out to sea

Left me lost, passing through

This world without you


It feels like a hundred years

Since you left me standing there

Roving ruins, torturing tunes

With a wine and whisky tear

Stop that train, remove my brain

Nancy whiskey, Mary Jane

Life went on in Babylon

And I kept calling out your name


Your ghost would show its face

In every lonely, far-off place

I was haunted by your smile

Through every endless midnight mile

I used to call you name out loud

Look for you in every crowd

Hear your voice in every song

On every road I'd travel  on.


Bob Cussen  © 2010 (SOCAN)


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